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Marilyn Ponty Salzano
My name is Marilyn Ponty Salzano. I have been an artist since I could first hold a crayon. As a child I doodled and painted on my mother's walls and floors when I ran out of paper. She never got mad which I think gave me a sense of artistic freedom. We lived in the country surrounded by our many pets: pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks and lots of dogs and cats. I was a tom boy, climbing trees, playing baseball and fishing with my two brothers. I love animals and nature but I also love the city, the tall buildings, the culture and the mix of many different types of people. I was born and raised in New Jersey into a Hungarian and Polish family. My father was from Budapest and played Hungarian folk music on his violin. My mother taught me to crochet and embroider beautiful Polish folk designs. My heritage, plus living in New Jersey, my favorite place, has influenced my style, color and sense of rhythm. My art comes from my memories, my imagination and the things I see and hear everyday.

I've shown my art in galleries and in private collection around the country. My studio is in my home in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York where I live with my husband Joe and our wacky cat Kittykins. When I'm not painting, I'm either writing sci-fi and mysteries, talking on the phone to my two beautiful daughters and granddaughters or hanging out with my husband Joe. I studied art at Cal State Long Beach, California, Syracuse University and Empire State College.


4 White Crows


Noah's Ark



Midnight Cat Nap



The Green House: A True Story


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