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Mike Quon
Having grown up in Los Angeles in the 50s and 60s, I was influenced by the bright and colorful explosion of art and new ideas that era brought. My earliest memories are of my fatherís drawing and painting. A classically trained artist, he was one of the original Walt Disney animators, working on such film classics as Fantasia and Dumbo.

At UCLA, where I studied art, I was further influenced by mentors who included the Pop Art icon Ed Ruscha and Richard Diebenkorn, the abstract expressionist, whose work would speak to me all these years later. Like my father, I also travelled the world with sketchbook in hand, and found my fine art style evolving most rapidly over the years.Favorite subjects revolve around breathing new life into the architecture of urban environments and landmarks of special interest, and even everyday objects. Working in acrylics, oil pastels, watercolors, as well as pen and ink and mixed media, my art combines a flat color field style infused with a collage of styles, from abstract to representational, bold brush stroke and fine line to painterly, and everything in between.








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