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Stacey Pritchard
My works explores narrative and figurative expressions of time or place and the context of our stories. It is driven primarily through an initial gesture that captures a moment. From that seed, I begin multiple compositions and explore separate layers of images and juxtapositions in each. With this process I mimic the subjectivity, context and repetition of the moment that a gesture can inspire.

This repetition is influenced by a history of self-reflection. I survived several tragedies through my childhood and began the process of self-reflection as a healing. That has lead me to a lifelong relationship with the ideas of memory, and the rippling effect that a single moment may have. There is at once a singularity to each memory, moment and soul, as well as multiple layers of meaning, influence and universal effect.

Working in oils, encaustic and mixed media materials, allow me a great versatility with building images in new ways. Most of my work is done on wood panels or paper. The panels provide a solid working surface more suitable to the nature that some of the work attains through the layering process.


die Tochter - oil, encaustic and mixed media on wood


Walking Past the Dead - oil and mixed media on wood



SO2 - oil and mixed media on wood



Walk 2 - oil and mixed media on wood


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