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Brian Stern
Brian's work is centered around the obvious and overlooked beauty surrounding us every day... remnants of our culture passed by without regard or concern... the familiar but ignored. The ability to seek out and bring to life the symmetry, beauty and composition of found circumstances is the underlying focus of his photographs. From the weathered skeleton of a once regal Casino in Asbury Park to the hand painted city of Jaipur, these images can take on an altogether new beauty when they are able to be studied outside of their context.

Brian received his BFA in Design from The Philadelphia College of Art. His work has been featured in Creative Quarterly-15, an international journal of art & design and included in exhibitions by both The Soho Photo Gallery, NYC and the Smithsonian Institution.

Twin Doors, Jaipur



Casino, No. 22



Flower, No. 3



Sleeping Porters, Mumbai


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