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Elly Faden - Momi
Ellen Faden, the artist, Momi, creates both original works and digitally colored renderings. She has a keen eye for fine lines in subjects such as figures, animals and landscapes.

Momi started out as a visual artist in High School and College, became a technical writer, then went back to study art. Momi holds a Art Studio Minor from SUNY Stony Brook and was a Gifted High School Student at Cooper Union in the late 1960ís. Drawing and painting everything in sight for 10 years, Momi was an early digital artist, using Photoshop for her figures, landscapes, interiors, and digital art.

Momi is a County Committee Chairperson in Monmouth County and organizes and attends beach cleanups to help keep the shore clean. Momi is also a poet, technical writer, teacher, and Kabbalist.








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