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Hillary Binder-Klein
My acrylic paintings are about moments in nature that most people see but rarely stop what they are doing to appreciate. These are the moments when color is the brightest or most beautiful and silence is the loudest. When perfection or serenity is there for only a second or two. When nothing is as important as what is happening or not happening at that point in time.

The moments depicted in my work are the ones that make me catch my breath, stop and really absorb the beauty nature bestows upon us. I carry these images with me for a while in my memory where I revisit them when I need a break from the day to day “stuff.” Then there comes a time when I feel the need to pick up a paintbrush and recreate what I saw. While I am painting, I am reliving those moments in my mind and trying to capture what was special about them. It is my hope that others will see and feel what I did. That they will remember a point in time when they stopped and thought of nothing else but what nature was showing them.


Lone Maple Among The Ashes



Through The Trees



En Tree Way



And The Sun Was Rising


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