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Linnea Tober
My work focuses on the struggles women, face. I focus on the strengths, beauty, and mystery of the female form. These aspects are apparent to me every single day. After all, aren’t we all goddesses, faeries, gypsies, mermaids, maidens, sirens, enchantresses, mothers, lovers, and friends? My work consists of many layers, layers of color and textures, but mainly layers of meaning. I have a surrealistic style and strive to capture multitudes of expressions and emotions. Yes, I am an artist, and I have a responsibility to bring beauty into the world; but much more than that, to make people think and feel in ways they might not have otherwise been able to do.

I chose to paint on guitar bodies because I liked the shape, very female and curvy, and I loved the idea of linking my artwork to music (I am also a singer, so visual art and music have strong ties for me). Mermaids are also a continuing theme throughout my work. These sea maidens signify a deep respect and caring for the ocean and the environment overall. This is a strong concern of mine, having grown up by the ocean my entire life.


Orange Sunset Mermaid



Mermaid Praying



Mermaid Etching Pink



Blue Mandala Mermaid


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