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Marlon Harris
During my childhood and adolescent years my parents made sure I was exposed to as many art activities as possible. We were fortunate to live in New York City which has an ample supply of Museums and Art galleries. It seemed there were colorful parades, street festivals and statues everywhere. New York City was always aglow with lights, color and motion.

My formal Art education began at the High School of Music & Art in N.YC. There I was exposed to many forms of creative expression. Upon graduation I attended N.Y.U. School of the Arts for Stage Design. I am also a proud graduate of Rutgers University. I appreciate all forms and schools of Art. It is Norman Rockwell’s illustrations that have left the greatest impression on me. When viewing his work, I feel as though I am at the scene can almost interact with the figures.

I am now a Monmouth County, N.J. resident. My style of painting is vivid, bold and most often portrays an action. My portraits attempt to express not only the physical features but as much of the personality of the subject as possible. I have exhibited my artwork in local Monmouth County galleries, fairs and festivals all over New Jersey. My studio is in my home in Freehold. I prefer to work in Acrylic, Oil and Water Color. I hope you will follow me on Facebook.












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