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Medy Quiroz
I love the freedom of Abstract Expressionism; freedom to use any color and create any shape, freedom from the boundaries of representational art. I paint with abandon applying paint with large, loose brush strokes combined with "calligraphy". My paintings capture the excitement of colors, lines and shapes that represent nothing and everything. Each of my paintings has a story to tell and it's up to you, the viewer, to discover it. The story may be different for each individual. It is personal and is influenced by your past experiences, your background. There is no right or wrong story. The story may change as your life changes and you look at my painting with a different eye. This is the beauty of abstract expressionism: it is only bounded by your imagination.

I studied drawing and painting at the Fine Arts Department of George Washington University in Washington, DC where I lived for a few years, Lyrical Abstract Expressionism at the Guild of Creative Arts in Monmouth County, New Jersey where I currently reside, and metal cutting and welding at the Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts. Although painting is my focus, I also delve in line art, wire sculpture and Fine Art Photography.

www.MedyQuiroz.com      email: MedyQuiroz@gmail.com

Blowing in the Wind   36x36


Circus 3   48x60



Conversations under the Blue Canopy   36x36





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